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Picking a Sheen

Posted by robspaintingservice on February 20, 2011 at 11:05 AM Comments comments (4)

Good morning.

So as a follow up to the materials you use, picking a sheen to put on your wall is just as important.

The best way to pick a sheen for your walls is to take a look at the conditions of your walls. If you have an older house, settling usually becomes an issue. The older the house the more careful you should be picking the type of sheen you are looking for.

When I come in and look at a brand new house that just had a contractor come in and spray a washed down flat paint to the walls, you most of the time can put any sheen on top of that.

The fact you have brand new walls allows you to pick any sheen you want. There wont be many nail pops if any along with any settling issues. I typicly will tell the homeowner to go with an eggshell paint. This gives you some washability and is good in high traffic areas. If you are a new family with little ones, this is ideal.

Benjamin Moore also sells aquapearl which is a higher sheen than eggshell but not as high as semigloss.

These sheens can be used in bathrooms and kitchens where you get alot of heat and moisture.

I always promote using a semigloss on all trim and doors. A fresh coat of semigloss on trim and doors look beautiful!!

There are many sheens along with price points you should consider. Next blog I will review sheens and prices. These too run in a wide variety of ranges. Hope this helps you pick a good sheen!!! :)

Before You Paint that Room

Posted by robspaintingservice on October 14, 2010 at 11:02 AM Comments comments (0)

You want to paint some rooms, but what types of materials should you use? In these hard economic times, you might decide to go with an inexpensive paint to save money. This might not be the best idea. It is the same as everything else in this world. You get what you pay for. I would advise you to spend a little more money on the paint, so the work does not become a nightmare.

Remember if you buy cheap paint, there are no advantages. The coverage is poor along with spreadability and ease of use. The materials need to have context to them or you will suffer some major issues of leveling and spreading. Want to use a great paint? Go with the Benjamin Moore product line. You do not have to buy the top of the line product to get a great paint. They have a wide variety of product lines that you will be happy with. I also use Sherwin Williams products, which are nice as well.

Take it from a pro, if you want to paint the room yourself, do yourself a favor and use a better product. You will be way more happy in the long run. I promise you that. Next week, I will explain the types of sheens you might want to use.

Have a great week,